The newest Blood Libel

09/10/2006The great blood libel of Sept. 11By Bradley Burston, Haaretz CorrespondentBlood libels never die, they just get digitized.Thanks to new media, ancient prejudices need neverfade away. So it is that Jew hate, nothing if notadaptable, has become easier to disseminate than everbefore. Bigotry as old as time can now be downloaded,podcast, cable cast, sat-phoned, text-messaged,downloaded, YouTubed across state lines, oceans, andall continental borders at the touch of a grimybutton.At this point, you never quite know where you're goingto find it next, or what form it will take.This year, I found it at Ground Zero.I was handed a complimentary DVD by a 9/11conspiracist. It was a newly enhanced version of theProtocols of the new millennium, the theory -simultaneously promulgated by elements of the farleft, the far right, and fundamentalist Islam, peoplewho in every other respect hate each others' guts andeach others' every opinion - that it was Israel andthe Mossad that brought down the World Trade Center.The Anti-Defamation League and other groups havelabored mightily to combat the theories. Reviewingfive years of intensive activity, however, the ADLsaid last month that "Today, those theories are evenmore widespread and some have taken their anti-Semiticallegations even farther by claiming that it wasspecifically Jewish members of the Bush Administrationwho directed the government in planning the attacksfor the benefit of Israel."Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the great bloodlibel of the new millennium - and its most strikingparallel to the Protocols of the elders of Zion - isits adaptability to today's headlines.Look no further than the case of Kobi Alexander, theone-time software guru who made it to the FBI's MostWanted list on the strength of alleged stock optionbook-cooking and other allegations.Writer Christopher Bollyn, one of the more prolificconspiracists, calls Alexander "the Israeli crook whoowned the Mossad companies who had clear foreknowledgeof the terror attacks of 9/11."According to Bollyn, employees of an Israeli-basedsoftware firm called Odigo received word of the 9/11attacks some two hours before they took place."Odigo had its U.S. headquarters two blocks from theWTC. The Odigo employees, however, did not pass thewarning on to the authorities in New York City, a movethat could have saved thousands of lives."He goes on to state that Odigo, "like many Israelisoftware companies, is based and has its Research andDevelopment (R&D) center in Herzliya, Israel, thesmall town north of Tel Aviv, which happens to bewhere Mossad's headquarters are located" and that"shortly after 9/11, Odigo was taken over by ComverseTechnology," Kobi Alexander's flagship concern.The examples are endless, the conclusion one: The Jewsdid it. The Jew media covered it up. The Jews did itso that America would have to go to war, shedding theblood of Christian boys in a fight against Israel'sMuslim enemies."Never in the history of the Jewish people has oneterrible lie about 'Jewish control' spread so quicklyand with such power, captivating not only those on theextreme fringe but the educated elite, particularly inthe Muslim and Arab word," ADL National DirectorFoxman said in 2003."The Big Lie has been repeated by imams, the press andgovernment officials in the Arab world, and iscontributing to disturbing and dangerous mutations inglobal anti-Semitism."Perhaps it was only inevitable, given the low purposesto which high-technology has been adapted, that theADL found that one of the mutations is none other thanthat the one once spread by direct priest-peasantcontact: the idea that the key ingredient in Passovermatzo dough is the lifeblood of a Christian boy.

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