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by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

Do you remember when Yassir Arafat’s PLO elite guard "Force 17" kidnaped and assassinated America’s Ambassador to Sudan, Cleo Noel, his aide George Moore, the French Charges d’ affaires Guy Eid?
Arafat gave the order on March 2, 1973 to execute them. Arafat’s voice was intercepted by Israeli Intelligence and it was Ariel Sharon who passed that tape on to America’s CIA.
Force 17 of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) machine gunned them to death.
Nothing was done; Arafat wasn’t promptly arrested or assassinated because ‘somehow’ Arafat became the darling of the pro-Arab U.S. State Department and the other Arabists of high office in the U.S. Government. Therefore, Arafat was designated to be spared retribution - no matter what he did. Apparently, the U.S. State Department (wrongly) thought Arafat was malleable and amenable to "land for peace", so they thought (wrongly) that they needed him to make peace.
The organizational structure of the PLO is like a Medusa, multi-headed snake. Yassir Arafat’s main ‘group’ is "Fatah", a reverse acronym from the Arabic name "Harakat al-Tahrir al-Watani al-Filastini" (literally: Palestinian National Liberation Movement). "Fatah" means "conquest" or opening in Arabic. Fatah is a major Palestinian political party and the largest organization of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) a multi-party confederation.
Several of the known groups are:
Fatah armed factions;
Black September (the group named for the 17 month action begun September 16, 1970 when King Hussein of Jordan attacked and expelled Arafat’s PLO to prevent him from seizing the Kingdom);
Tanzim (militant ‘new guard’ young street fighters - both men and women) led by Marwan Barghouti, now in Israeli jail for multiple counts of murder of Israelis, conspiracy to murder and membership in a terrorist organization (Bargouti was also general secretary of Fatah in Judea and Samaria);
Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades (suicide bombers, young radical militants);
Fatah Hawks; and
Force 17, the protective elite guard for the VIPs of the PLO - especially Arafat.
Additional and more radical groups are part of the PLO and, therefore, the PLO is responsible for their actions, even if they seem to deny their radical cohorts:
Abu Nidal’s Fatah-Revolutionary Council;
Abu Musa’s group, the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine);
the PFLP-GC (General Council);
Hamas and
Fatah’s "Young Guard".
Some commentators say that some of these factions were considered rebellious and outlawed by the Fatah official bodies but, I believe that is a spurious assertion to hide their collaboration with the most heinous of PLO factions’ crimes. Documents found in Arafat’s Muqat’ah compound prove Arafat knowingly sponsored all these factions and their attacks against Jews.
Force 17 members illegally acquired arms and explosives for Palestinian groups loyal to Arafat, to carry out terror attacks, resist Israeli military or police forces and protect Arafat. Proof of these actions were allegedly found when IDF forces besieged Arafat and Force 17 during Operation Defensive Shield (June 2002) in the Muqat’ah compound in Ram’Allah and broke into PA files. (1)
You should know that in many Arab Muslim Palestinian families, each member (usually sons and father) may belong to a different terror organization in order to protect the family from retribution by one or the other terror factions.
So, why has this President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condollezza Rice and other cohorts of the American "Shadow Government" directed the arming of the PLO’s Force 17. They were the murderers of the American Ambassador, Cleo Noel, and now Bush wants to pay them several million American taxpayers’ dollars to arm and train - to fight Israelis - their self-declared enemies: men, women and children, soldiers or civilians.
It will be the job of the CIA to train Force 17 in murder, theoretically, to protect the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) was Arafat’s earliest and closest associate through all of Arafat’s days of murder and chaos as the Father of the modern global Terrorist organizations.
Abu Mazen was Arafat’s chief second-in-command for 40 years. and the PLO fund-master for many Terror operations, including the Olympics Massacre September 4, 1972. Arafat, with Abu Mazen coordinating the funds and the plans, sent the Black September Terrorists, led by Force 17, to the Olympics in Germany, where they committed the Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches.
They were led by Ali Hassan Salameh, COMMANDER OF FORCE 17 and Abu Daoud, who still lives in hiding and has said that "the [Munich] operation had the endorsement of Arafat." Daoud writes that "Arafat saw the team off on the mission with the words ‘Allah protects you’ ". (2)
Yes indeed, the U.S. is repeating its idiocy. As it protected Arafat, now it protects Abu Mazen by arming and training Force 17 who are on their way to becoming the next world-wide Al Qaeda.
Except that within Force 17 there is a mix of Terrorists from the different factions, including the Muslim Brotherhood. When Hamas and the others make their move, they will likely assassinate Abu Mazen and the Americans will say the equivalent of: "Et Tu, Brutus?" Abu Mazen will probably be assassinated by those Force 17 guards closest to him.
President Bush, are you getting your advice from your father’s buddies, his Secretary of State James Baker, Brent Scowcroft, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman and that oily gang who represents Saudi interests? You started your Presidential career looking like your own man but, now it appears that you have slid into being a puppet for other interests. Too bad.
You were absolutely right to take on the fight against Global Terror because it is surely a "Clear and Present Danger" to America and the rest of the Free World. But somehow, you have been convinced to see the attributes of the Muslim Jihadist nations. What a legacy you have created! Too bad. Funding and training Force 17 who murdered America’s Ambassador on orders from Yassir Arafat, father of Global Terrorism, is a great embarrassment for America and all Americans.
There is no doubt about whom President Bush is paying and training. Force 17 was Yassir Arafat’s elite guard and a terrorist group who went out on assignment to murder, blow up Israelis and all the things that terrorists are known to do. To cast them as merely "guards" of the arch terrorist, Arafat, does not give them the credit they deserve. They were class A killers, as demonstrated by their murder of the American Ambassador in Khartoum and to carry out the Munich massacre. Those were only two of their operations, all known and assisted by Abu Mazen who acted as the Banker for these terrorist actions.
Are you pondering how President Bush can consider spending millions on Force 17, training them with American technology, methods and weapons? Some of their spokesmen have already stated they will join Hamas and Hezb’Allah when the fighting against Israel begins again.
We should look back briefly to the time when the U.S. armed and trained the Afghanis to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. The result was America was simultaneously training the Taliban, Al Qaeda and equipping Osama bin Laden with a ready-made military force. America achieved the short-term goal of expelling the Soviets who were then under Gen. Alexander Lebed but we reaped a greater terrorism that led to many terror ops against the Free World including 9/11, London commuters, Madrid trains, 2 American embassies in Africa, the USS Cole, the American barracks in Saudi Arabia, the 1993 attack on the Twin Towers, etcetera.
Is this then where American tax-dollars go? To build another Al Qaeda called Force 17? I wonder why the Media has so assiduously avoided asking any question about employing, training, arming and doubling Force 17 to approximately 6,000 men?
Dubya, what ever made you get in bed with elite killers who, one day will turn on America, (although it already did years ago when they murdered our Ambassadors)?
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