Condi Rice does not beleive that Arabs hate Jews, well read this Condi!

PA Daily:Jews fan the flames of evil, provoke wars, control financeand media and dominate US policyby Itamar Marcus and Barbara CrookThe official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-HayatAl-Jadida published a vicious anti-Semitic article last weekthat included many of the classic anti-Semitic libels andmodern "updates":- Jews start wars, including the war in Iraq, to promoteJews' power and control- Jews are the dominant force in United States policy- Jews control international finance- Jews control international mediaIn the article, Muhammad Khalifa, columnist from the UnitedArab Emirates, argues that the US is planning to control allof the world's countries from a single central government inNew York. The Jews, who dominate or control every keyelement in the US, including the stock market, the media andinternational finance, have used their "custom" of startinginternational wars to cement this US control. The Jews, says Khalifa, started the war in Iraq as the firststep to "force the other Arab nations to voluntarilysurrender to their will." But this tactic will ultimatelyfail, lead to World War III and be the end of Westernculture.It is important to note that Al Hayat-Al Jadida iscontrolled not by the Hamas government but by the office ofPA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.The following are the main sections:"Since the downfall of the former Soviet Union in 1991, theUS became the sole superpower in the world, heralding theidea of 'The new American era.' Jews implanted in the[nerve] centers of the American nation created theoriesabout this idea which they adopted. This term is based onthe fact that the entire world has to be stamped with theseal of Americanization, and that all of the world'scountries will be governed by one government, located in NewYork. "There is one global stock market situated in New York, andit is controlled by Jews. This stock market guides thecurrency markets in all of the world, sets the price ofgold, and ultimately the value of various currencies aroundthe world."In order for this idea to be realized, it was necessary toinitiate [lit: to spark] wars, because wars, according tothe custom of the Jews, are the only means that can bringabout the desired change. The [wars] uproot the opponents,as they did in the first and second World Wars, so that hadthey [the wars] not happened, the United States would havenot taken over the world, and the Jews would have notreached the center of this dominance. And so, wars are verynecessary, and in order to justify initiating wars, thetheory of the 'clash of civilizations' of Samuel Huntingtonappeared, which argues that the current century will witnessa clash of civilizations in the world, as Westerncivilization will clash with the Islamic civilization andBuddhist civilization. The American media circles, which areconnected to the Zionist Jewish lobby, took it uponthemselves to propagate this theory which spread everywhereand left all nations with an intense sense of fear."At that moment, the events of September 11, 2001 tookplace, and these were used as an excuse to start the globalwars of subjugation. The first target chosen wasAfghanistan, claiming that those who carried out theSeptember attacks came from there. This invasion wasjustified with the 'just war' theory, even thoughAfghanistan was not an immediate threat to the US."Once the invasion of Afghanistan was successful, the Jewsbegan planning the invasion of Iraq claiming that it poses aserious threat to the American national security. The Jewishpropaganda played a big role in exaggerating the Iraqidanger, until Iraq was portrayed as a monster threatening toswallow the world. The US began preparing for the Iraqiinvasion as the next step in the project of global wars. andit conquered Iraq and destroyed the Iraqi nation, and theJews thought that, with the destruction of Iraq, they wouldforce the other Arab nations to fully and voluntarilysurrender to their will. But later events disappointed them,as [armed] resistance burst forth in Iraq, which complicatedtheir domination plans, and buried their hope to create anew pro-Israeli Iraq ."In conclusion, the role of the Jews in bolstering theinclination to evil, and fuelling its fire, and provokingwars, such as the war against Iraq, will inevitably causethe downfall of the American military power. When this powerfalls, it will mean the end of Western civilization, and thebeginning of World War III which will erase everything andleave nothing behind, resulting in the end of the Americanempire as a superpower."Al Hayat Al Jadida, October 23, 2006

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