Daniel Pinner needs our help

Dina asked me to post this for her!

A short while ago Daniel called me, just as I was about to call hissister to find out whether she heard from him yet.This past Sunday, his first day back in captivity, he was held in theBeersheba District Court until midday, then transported to the "Ma'atzarHaNegev" facility in Beersheba, where he sat for a couple of days.Yesterday he was taken to Nitzan Prison in Ramle, from which he willeventually be transported to Ma'asiyahu, there to serve out the rest ofhis sentence (Nitzan is just a holding cell for temporary stays and forprisoners in transit, not a real jail).Daniel is hoping to be taken to Ma'asiyahu very soon, as next Wednesday24 Marcheshvan/15 November is the Shloshim for his mother Hana z"l; onlyonce he arrives at Ma'asiyahu can he arrange for a day's furlough toattend the Shloshim. This cannot be done from Nitzan.Daniel as yet has no details on the Shloshim; he will inform me and Iwill post as soon as I know them.Daniel has a special request: He does not have his list of phone numberswith him, so he asks that all those who would like him to call, kindlycall his home number (03-9068079 or from outside Israel: 972-3-9068079)as soon as possible and leave your phone number (pref. a land-line, nota cell phone), so he can rebuild his call list.Daniel sounded good, calm, relaxed on the phone, but unfortunately hewas very rushed and we couldn't talk long.That's it for now, stay tuned

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