Shalom all,

The first hearing of Jeff's trial commenced today (13 November) in the Haifa District Court at approx. 10 a.m. and lasted approx. 40 minutes. The prosecution presented Jeff's attorney, Baruch Ben-Yosef, and Judge Bracha Bar-Ziv with many documents, among which are reports from the Shabac from the numerous times they interrogated Jeff, also statements from Jeff and admissions that the gun found in the lift (and the computer in the lift) belonged to him, as well as his statements to Judge Bar-Ziv. Reports were also submitted from the Customs agents at the Haifa port (where Jeff's lift was) and their findings; memos from the officers in charge of investigations; a report of a weapon specialist's evaluations and opinion of the weapon and the ammunition found; an explosive laboratory's report, a detention (of Jeff) report; a report on the findings during a search of Jeff's apartment, computer, and a related Jerusalem address. The copious material consisted of both written material, several CDs, and audio and visual recordings of interrogations and declarations by various parties involved in the investigation.

Noteworthy was the fact that Jeff protested when the prosecution said that there were findings from BOTH of his computers (the one in his lift and the one in his Tapuach apartment). Jeff insisted that the computer in the apartment was indeed NOT his, which evidently was news to his lawyer. He admitted that the computer in his lift is indeed his own.

Also interesting is the fact that there was no defendant's dock in the courtroom; Jeff sat in the courtroom in the row right in front of ours, flanked by 2 officers (who removed his handcuffs during the hearing), and we were able to converse a little with him during the hearing, without any objections from the court officers.

Seven of Jeff's friends (including myself) showed up in court today, including a reporter from Yediot Achronot - Haifa, who interviewed me and Baruch outside the courtroom after the hearing. More friends were on the way but didn't arrive in time for the hearing.
Today's session was adjourned, with Judge Bar-Ziv taking with her a lot of material to study.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The next session in Jeff's trial will be SUNDAY 13 KISLEV/DECEMBER 3, AT 12 P.M. NOON, same place - Haifa Machozi/District Court, 12 Palyam Street (port area), Haifa. Testimonies from prosecution witnesses and from Jeff himself should make the next session very interesting.

I hope to see MANY MORE friendly faces in court on Dec. 3. This is the time when Jeff needs his friends the most! Get there early, there's not all that much seating in the courtroom - first come, first served!

Comments and/or corrections (by those attending) are welcome.

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