In the previous post about helping Shimshon Cytryn, I wrote that there is an attachment with the details re where donations can be sent. Obviously there's no attachment to this post, so here are the details (copied from a poster the Cytryns had put up, with a few corrections):

Your help is desperately needed. We are asking you to please make a donation for Shimshon's legal defense and fulfill the mitzvah of redeeming this Jewish captive.

All donations to the Cytryn Family defense fund in the U.S. are tax deductible.

To donate, make checks payable to: Central Fund of Israel
and mail to:

Cytryn Family, Yishuv Nachliel, D.N. Modi'in, Israel 71938
or deposit in Bank Discount, Main Branch, acct. no. 921157

"For the mitzvah to ransom Captives takes precedence over supporting and clothing the poor. Indeed no comandment, be it ever so important, can compare with it" (Rambam Mishneh Torah, Zeraim)

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