Iran stirring up anti - semtism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Iran stirs up new hatred with Holocaust denial "winner" cartoon, says B'naiBrith Canada TORONTO, November 1, 2006 - B'nai Brith Canada, responding to the announcementthat a winner has been selected in the Iranian Holocaust denial cartoon contest,has said that the contest is "one more piece of evidence" reflecting theregime's culture of hatred towards the Jewish people. "The mere fact that Iran sponsored a contest on Holocaust denial betrays thedepth of hatred for the Jewish people that is being stirred up by the Iranianauthorities and their media mouthpieces," said Frank Dimant, B'nai BrithCanada's Executive Vice President. "In fact, the curator of the contest,mirroring the Iranian President's own recent statements, has announced that thecontest will continue 'until the destruction of Israel'."The winning drawing distorted Holocaust imagery of the Auschwitz concentrationcamp in an attempt to portray Israel as the modern day Nazi.The sole purpose of this deliberate manipulation of both history and currentrealities is to incite hatred and violence against the Jewish people."-30-For further information contact Karen Lazar, Director of Communications:
416-633-6224 X 140 (office) / 647-999-9835 (cell)B'nai Brith Canada has been active in Canada since 1875 as the Jewishcommunity's foremost human rights agency

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