JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Groups of ultra-Orthodox Jews torched trash bins and hurled stones at police in Jerusalem on Tuesday in protests against plans to hold a gay rights march in the holy city.
Three policemen were hurt and five protesters arrested in what Israeli media said was one of the most violent demonstrations in the city in recent times.
Protesters wore torn burlap sacks, resembling those worn by the bereaved of their community, and held signs saying "Jerusalem won't be Sodom and Gomorrah," referring to towns the Bible says were destroyed by God because of their residents' sinful ways.
They overturned trash bins and set them alight, and blocked a main city road, throwing stones at police who came to disperse them, according to footage broadcast by Israeli television.
Some religious Jews have vowed to disrupt the march expected to take place in mid-November, and there have also been threats of violence, in a dispute that threatens to create new tension between the Orthodox and Israel's secular Jewish majority.
An ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbed and wounded three people taking part in a gay pride march in Jerusalem last year.
Some Muslim and Christian leaders have joined ranks with Jewish clerics in common opposition to public expressions of homosexuality in a city revered as holy by all three religions.

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