Boker Tov all,

Jeff Seath is in the process of collecting canteen numbers of political prisoners in jail with him: Elad Keller, Ariel Tessler, Meir Bertler and Ron Yosefi. I am still waiting for Daniel Pinner's canteen number (speaking of him, he could use some visitors at Ma'asiyahu - please call his home number 03-9068079 and leave a message). I will be posting this info. on this site. That way you can spread out the mitzvah of pidyon shevuim and increase your tzedaka merit...

And now, speaking of Jeff: It is VITAL for friendly faces to be in the Haifa District courtroom this coming Sunday 12 Kislev/Dec. 3 at noon (12 Palyam St., 6th floor). The prosecution will be presenting their witnesses, and since they're naturally going to try to cut Jeff into little pieces and make him out to be a terrorist, he sure could use the support of all of us sitting behind him in the courtroom who know he's not a terrorist in any sense of the word.

December 23 is "our" day in court: the Defense will be testifying (including Jeff himself) and giving evidence. More about that in the near future.

Kol Tuv, Have a good one,

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