Make your plans NOW to be there for Jeff/Shmuel and give him all your support - he's really going to need it!

When: This coming Sunday 12 Kislev/December 3 at 12 p.m. NOON

Where: Haifa District (Machozi) Court, 12 Palyam St. (port area)- 6th floor, Haifa

What: The prosecution presents its witnesses and evidence (police reports, Shabac reports, Customs reports, etc.), trying their best to prove what a dangerous terrorist Jeff is...

How to get there: From Jerusalem, bus 940 or 947 (the 940 is faster, takes about 1 hr. 50 minutes as opposed to the 947 in 2 hours 40 minutes). From Tel Aviv, take the train. Check the Egged and train schedules on-line or call them.

Once arrived in Haifa, local bus 103 goes past the courthouse - it's about a 20-30 minute ride from the Hof HaCarmel Central Bus Station. Alternatively, take a taxi there for about 35-40 shekels. Traffic is heavy.

As of this writing, the next trial date is December 23, during which the Defense will have their day in court. Stay tuned for details.

Please contact me privately ( for further information, and for any changes.

Kol Tuv, Dina

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