Shimshon Cytryn

Dear Friends,

This is an URGENT appeal for Shimshon Cytryn, age 19, currently on trial for attempted murder of an Arab youth who was allegedly attacked by Shimshon as he was lying "unconscious" before the TV cameras, in Muassi on the Gush Katif beach in July 2005.

Shimshon's family is drowning in heavy legal fees, and their lawyer has threatened to quit the case if they don't come up with the cash. They are at the point of desperation.

Shimshon needs a good defense to avoid facing many years in jail. That's a pretty heavy thing to face when you're 19.

To this e-mail I am attaching a poster that was put up during the Cytryn family's ordeal with Shimshon's imprisonment and trial, with all the information as to how you can help him and his family in this hour of their great need (if you have trouble opening the attachment, please let me know and I will post the information as a regular e-mail).

PLEASE, PLEASE open up your hearts and generously contribute to his legal fund! This family is truly breaking under the strain, and their health has even suffered because of it.

On behalf of the family, tizku l'mitzvot.


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