Shalom all,

The trial of Shmuel Zetham/Jeffrey Seath begins next Monday 22 Marcheshvan/13 November at 9:30 at the Haifa District (Machozi) Court,12 Palyam Street, Haifa (the port area). HE NEEDS US TO BE THERE! He's not optimistic re what's going to happen - all the more reason for his friends to be present to give him as much chizuk as possible. A couple of months ago (I think in September, the last time he had a hearing to which I attempted to go), I posted directions re how to get there by bus, so if you do a search for the directions, you'll find them. If anyone plans to go and needs directions and is not particularly inclined to look for them on the site, please let me know.

Stay tuned for a post from me re a letter-writing campaign to his judge.We are trying to get the judge to be lenient in sentencing him. It's vital for the judge to see the real side of Jeff instead of the police and media portrayal of him as a terrorist who wants to kill Arabs.

Kol Tuv,


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