Daniel called me last night (Wednesday 15 November). He was finally taken to Ma'asiyahu yesterday, after over a week in the Nitzan holding cell. And since he was only in a holding cell all this time, he did not receive permission to attend the shloshim of his mother Hana z"l yesterday. Needless to say, I heard the sadness, tension and frustration in his voice.

He would love to get letters from his friends, in Hebrew or in English, to the following address:

Daniel Pinner, Political Prisoner
Ma'asiyahu Prison
Agaf HaHitnatkut
P.O. Box 13
Please note - don't write Ramle, as the letter may get to the wrong jail (there are 6 or 7 jails just in Ramle).

He says that telecards (vital for him to maintain communication - preferably the large ones of 120 units) can also be mailed to him.

Leave your (pref. land-line) phone number on his phone number if you'd like him to call you.

Daniel should have his canteen account very soon, and I will post the account number for donations at that time. I will also clarify visiting days and hours with him.

Stay on this site for the hesped Daniel would have delivered at the shloshim yesterday, if he had been allowed to attend.

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