Once again I'm forced to "self-opinionation." I asked several writers to
trace the Nov. 10 Jerusalem Gay Parade to its highest level. Let's find
out who is behind the society-wrecking plot.
But everyone was much too busy to seek the facts. Why seek facts when
the issue is so much better? "The Faggots Are Going To Corrupt Jerusalem."
A point of view that really gets to your prejudices. A brand new hatred
to make you forget all your other hatreds. And everyone is rushing into
the vacuum to help destroy their people.

The religious of Israel are thoroughly persecuted by their government.
They are blatant victims of raw secular hatred. Their lifestyle is
brutally insulted and disrupted, and then their children are endlessly
arrested in their defense. They feel the raw breath of Shabtai Tzvi and
Yaacov Frank down their backs. Somebody knows this new faggot problem
will make the religious explode in defense of Jerusalem.
The KNOWN Israeli bad guy is the Jerusalem Open House. That's as far as
the experts have followed the trail. The ugly truth is the JOH in mostly
funded by the cornerstone of the Council On Foreign Relations, the
(Henry) Ford Foundation. This fund despises Israel and is the chief
supplier of money to Israel's most vicious enemies. Recall the 1980s and
Jerusalem Vice-Mayor Miron Benvenesti's endless publicity against Yesha.
All funded by Ford. Without foundation funds, he faded into Jerusalem's
weathered stones.
Shall we recall Ford some more?


Ford Foundation Update - Ford Money Still Being Used for
Anti-Israel Activities

The funding policy of the Ford Foundation has been analyzed previously
by NGO Monitor, drawing particular attention to the NGOs funded by Ford
that engage in blatantly political anti-Israel activities. On 15 March
2004, NGO Monitor published an update
<http://www.ngo-monitor.org/editions/v2n07/v2n07-3.htm> to ongoing
investigations of Ford’s activities. Following publicity generated by
NGO Monitor and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Ford Foundation President
Susan V. Berresford
<http://ngo-monitor.org/editions/v2n04/v2n04-2.htm>initiated a review
and declared that it would act to ensure that funds no longer went to
"groups that promote or condone bigotry or violence, or that challenged
the very existence of legitimate, sovereign states like Israel."

Ford is listed as a donor <http://www.pchrgaza.org/about/funding.htm> to
the Palestinian Center for Human Rights
<http://www.ngo-monitor.org/archives/infofile.htm#center> (PCHR), an
organization analyzed
<http://www.ngo-monitor.org/editions/v2n08/v2n08-4.htm> by NGO Monitor
that played a major role in the 2001 Durban conference and has
demonstrated that its primary objective is the political and ideological
demonization of Israel, in sharp contrast to its claims to promote
universal human rights.



Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism
/For activities to advance human rights in Israel, and to promote
values of religious pluralism within Israel./


Israel Women's Network
/For activities to advance human rights in Israel./


B'Tselem—The Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the
Occupied Territories
/For research, publications and outreach on human rights in the
West Bank and Gaza Strip./


Now what does Ford get out of this parade? Well for one thing, the
residents may start behaving like morons:


/ Many WorldPride attendees vehemently opposed both the war and the
occupation of Palestine, so at first the anti-war messages were received
with interest. Rosza Levitsky, a member of Queeruption, said, "I'm here
as a queer Jewish New Yorker to protest in an anti-war event and
[against] the occupation on the West Bank."

A few stood near the sidewalk shouting, "1-2-3-4, we are against the
war; 5-6-7-8, sodomy is great."

So what is the Jerusalem Open House? From the New Israel Fund's shocking

* *Jerusalem Open House *
Support for the “Arab Outreach Initiative” of the Jerusalem Open
House, addressing the specific needs of Palestinian Israeli
lesbian, gay men, bisexual, and trans-gendered people

And why does Ford support the JOH?

* Ford Israel Fund
* http://www.nif.org/content.cfm?cat_id=1449&currbody=1
The Ford Foundation Israel Fund is a Donor Advised Fund
established in 2003 by the Ford Foundation at the New Israel Fund.
The Ford Israel Fund seeks to promote peace and social justice in
Israel and focuses its grant making within three areas:
* Promoting civil rights and human rights in Israel. Expanding the
scope and extent of legal protection of basic rights, while also
strengthening constituencies working to advance these protections.
* Promoting equity and equal opportunities for the Palestinian
minority within Israel. Strengthening the ability of the minority
community to organize, advocate and press for changes in public
policy and law to improve its status.

All the mumbo-jumbo makes JOH the ideal partner for Ford's
gut-wrenching, social chaos.

www.boell.de/downloads/gd/queer_report_Israel.pdf -

And the race has begun:



*Let’s Close the "Jerusalem Open House" and Put an End to All Their 'Gay
Pride' Parades*

By Rabbi Yehuda Levin*

*Since its founding, in 1997, the Jerusalem Open House (JOH) has
operated as a missionary organization, actively promoting homosexuality
among Arabs, Christians, and Jews in Israel and all over the world*

*The JOH is no minor player among homosexual advocacy groups. It is
well-funded by the New Israel Fund, a left-wing organization that
promotes secularism in all areas of Israeli society and is affiliated
with the multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation in the United States.

*Since 2002, JOH has organized an annual "Jerusalem Pride" demonstration
on the streets of Jerusalem. Thousands of homosexuals take this
opportunity to flaunt their perversion publicly in the Holy City,
without shame. The very secular Israeli Supreme Court has supported this
desecration by commanding the Jerusalem municipality to provide funding
to JOH for this parade.

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