Shalom all,

Please add the canteen account of Daniel Pinner to the list I sent out previously: 4628436. Deposits can be made in any post office branch.

I don't know whether checks will be accepted, so please deposit cash shekels only. If anyone tries to deposit a check (made out to Daniel Pinner), please let me know what happens.

For those who would like to donate from abroad, you can send me a personal check in foreign currency made out to me (Dina Moskowitz), and upon receipt I will turn it into shekels and deposit it into the above account. My address: P.O. Box 6355, Jerusalem 91062.

Daniel's canteen money will be both for purchases he makes in the canteen, and if there's enough money left in it, for legal fees.

Stay tuned for Daniel's Parshat Vayishlach, to be sent shortly.

Kol Tuv,

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