Daniel Pinner phoned me today and we discussed his current situation in jail. Following are his needs:

1. FINANCIAL AID: Daniel, being in jail, has no outside or inside income or means of supporting himself.

A. Israelis: Deposits into his canteen account #4628436: Daniel's current balance is very low, and he still needs to purchase day-to-day items in jail. If enough deposits are made into his account, he gets to take any remaining balance with him when he's released, and that can go to legal fees, etc. Please go to the post office and deposit a generous sum into his account (cash only, no checks).

Daniel's special request is that in order to have some idea of how much money is in his account, anyone depositing money into his canteen should then send the receipt (or copy of it) to him in jail, to the following address: Daniel Pinner, Political Prisoner, Ma'asiyahu Prison, Agaf HaHitnatkut, P.O. Box 13, 72100

B. Overseas supporters: Donations in any currency by check, made out to me, Dina Moskowitz, can be sent to me at: P.O. Box 6355, Jerusalem 91062. Upon receipt of any donations from abroad, I will turn them into shekels and then consult with Daniel as to where the money is needed most: his lawyer, the rent and utilities on his house, care of his dog, etc. Please be generous - let's ease the burden on his family and neighbors!

2. Israelis: TELECARDS: Daniel's father, as we know, is now alone and lonely (due to the loss of Daniel's mother Z"L), so Daniel calls him in England every day. This costs him MANY units on his telecards, and he desperately needs people to either send him cards (see above for the address) or to bring 2 cards when visiting him. Please buy the largest cards if possible (120 units, costs ~60 shekels), and you can send them in a card or letter to the jail.

3. Call Daniel's home phone - 03-9068079 (from outside Israel: 972-3-9068079) - to leave messages with your land-line phone number, arrange for visitations, etc.

Thanks and tizku l'mitzvot in advance, both from Daniel and from me.

Kol Tuv,


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