Now for the prosecution's cross-examination:

The whole approach of the prosecutor, in general, was one of trying to get Jeff to appear violent, connected to "illegal" organizations, and trying to get him to contradict himself in the courtroom with what he had told his interrogators. She portrayed Jeff as an avid hunter of lions, bears - and "cats" (of course, Jeff hunted the wild and dangerous kind, not the house variety, but she failed to mention that distinction).

The prosecutor pointed out to Jeff that his whole life revolved around weapons, and Jeff replied in the affirmative. But Jeff sold the weapons to help pay debts and support his mother after his father died. She asked him how he kept abreast of what was happening in Israel, and he replied, through websites. She mentioned to him that he knew the security situation in Israel was bad - and Jeff replied that this is why he brought the bullet proof vest for himself.

The prosecutor proceeded to question Jeff about his feelings about the IDF ("the best army in the world"), and his participation in Sar-El and whether he had maintained connections with the people he met in it. She also pointed out, and Jeff confirmed by replying "Baruch Hashem", that he was saved by a miracle from certain death in a terror attack in Jerusalem by the first female suicide bomber.

The prosecutor asked Jeff why he waited so long (almost 4 years) from his return to North Carolina after his Sar-El experience, to his aliya in March of 2006. Jeff replied that friends of his had died (one by suicide) and that he was still paying for his father's funeral.

Jeff confirmed the prosecutor's statement that he wanted to immigrate because he loves Israel. She pointed out that he told his interrogators he wanted to save Jews' lives and train dogs to find bombs. When she asked him whether he thinks Arabs shouldn't live here, Jeff replied that it's up to the government, not him, to decide that.

The prosecutor brought out her big guns by pointing out that during his interrogation, Jeff was recorded saying that he would do anything to save lives, but that he laughed and said only Jewish lives when his interrogators asked him: Any lives? She emphasized Jeff's statement during his interrogation that he thingks the Arabs should be sent to Arab countries and that Israel is not their country, they all want to kill the Jews, and that he doesn't respect the Arabs.

Jeff's reply to this attempt to trip him up: This doesn't mean that I want to kill Arabs! He also mentioned that he has lots of Jewish websites on his computer, including those of Rabbi Kahane, Chabad, etc., but that doesn't mean he is a follower of these people or movements.

The prosecutor then plugged away at trying to establish Jeff's connection to two people in Kahane Chai and the Jewish Legion, even before he made aliya, but Jeff stressed he only communicated with them on-line before his aliya, mostly on general topics and about the dogs. The pros asked Jeff whether he knew that both of these men belonged to an organization which is not legal in Israel. Jeff: No. Jeff also said he didn't know anything about a cafe belonging to one of these men that was shut down, or about one's arrest for activities in the Jewish Legion.

The prosecutor pointed out to Jeff the government's claims that one of the men is an activist in, and the head of, an illegal organization (Kahane Chai) and asked Jeff whether he knew that. Jeff: No.

At this point Judge Bar-Ziv angrily interrupted the prosecutor, saying that Jeff is the one on trial, not these two men, and that the prosecutor - has not thus far proven any motive on Jeff's part! The prosecutor, getting more and more flustered, tried to get the judge to accept the circumstantial evidence of Jeff's "extremist" ideas, quantity of weapons he has dealt with as well as what he brought in, alleged membership in certain "organizations", etc. The judge, however, wasn't prepared to buy any of this, saying that Jeff's membership in organizations is IRRELEVANT.

After a 15-minyute break, it was decided to suspend the prosecutions's cross-examination to allow for the testimony of Ms. Linda Wolf, the AACI representative who helped Jeff at the airport the day of his aliya. She explained her role that day and that she remembers Jeff saying he had dogs to give to the IDF to help in the war on terror (but didn't remember him saying anything about guns). She remembers Jeff for his distinctive accent, which made it hard for her, originally hailing from Los Angeles, to understand him at first. Her testimony, although she really didn't add very much to Jeff's defense, did provide an element of back-up credibility to his claim that he did bring things for the IDF.

After a long and sometimes tense two hours of testimony, Judge Bar-Ziv announced the continuation of Jeff's testimony and possibly that of another witness, for next Wednesday, January 3 at noon, and adjourned the session.

If anyone who was there would like to post anything important that I inadvertently left out, please feel free.

Kol Tuv,


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