This is from Marilyn Cytryn, Shimshon's grandmother. PLEASE SHOW UP IN GREAT NUMBERS! (The courthouse is very close to the Beersheba Central Bus Station - within easy walking distance):

Dear Friends,

The last and most important trial for Shimshon Cytryn will take place this Sunday, December 10th at 12:30PM in the Beersheva Courthouse (Beit Mishpat HaMachozi). Following the trial, the 3 judges will determine the fate of this young man who was jailed two weeks after his 18th birthday, being accused of "attempted murder" for partaking in a confrontation between Arabs and Jews.

The judges often take into consideration the number of concerned people that show up at the courthouse when they make their decision and therefore your presence in support of Shimshon is greatly needed.

Please help us to ease the pain of this young man and his family.

Many Thanks,

Marilyn Cytryn

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