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Here is your big opportunity to help participate in the mitzvah of pidyon shevu'im in a big way. Following are the names and canteen numbers of several political/ideological prisoners in Shikma Prison (as I was informed by prisoner Jeff Seath, who made an effort to obtain these numbers), so that these very deserving young men of limited means can buy the things they need at the prison canteen. (Please keep in mind that in most cases, the prisoner is allowed maximum two visits per month to the canteen, so on each visit he has to be able to buy a considerable amount of items to last till the next canteen visit - meaning that each of these prisoners is in great need of donations from the outside.)

Jeff Seath (under the name Shmuel Zetham, pron. "Zatam"): 4667799

Ran Yosefi (a young soldier accused and convicted of attacking and robbing Arabs and damaging their property in Hebron, in the wake of 12 Jews murdered on the path between Kiryat Arba and Hebron a few years ago. He received a sentence of 18 months imprisonment): 4580222

Three of the 20 "expellees" from Judea & Samaria who received orders to vacate for weeks or months, refused the orders and who are now doing jail time for this refusal:

Arye Tessler: 4672663

Elad Keller: 4609050

Meir Bertler: 4682868 (*NOTE: Jeff says he might have been released already)

Uri Richland (a teenager who saw a good friend killed by a Katyusha this past summer and who is being accused of attacking Arabs): 4638172

Daniel Pinner's number will be posted in the very near future. In the meantime, any donations to him can be mailed directly to me (P.O. Box 6355, Jerusalem. Make the check payable to Daniel Pinner).

It's a very simple matter to deposit into the prisoner's canteen: Just go to any post office and tell the clerk you want to deposit X shekels into account number ---- in the name of ----. (Cash only, I'm not sure checks will be accepted). Present ID and get a receipt at the end.

This list will be updated as needed.

Kol Tuv,


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