Shalom all,

Daniel Pinner is in jail, for anything from 5 to 13 more months, to serve out the rest of his sentence due to losing his appeal against being convicted of staying alive.

Can we stop for just a moment and grasp the big picture of what this means to him - and to his family and friends?

Daniel still rents a home in Tapuach, to which he will return after he's released. The utility bills - water, electricity - still have to get paid. The rent still has to get paid every month. Daniel's beloved dog Cassador has to be fed and otherwise cared for. All of these expenses add up to a very large burden.

Daniel is stuck in jail, with no source of income or way to earn any income. His mother a"h, who was a source of much support for him (including financial) has passed on, and his father is back in London and must dedicate his time to cope with and make the hard adjustment to the tremendous loss of his wife and Daniel's mother and getting affairs in order.

Some people who helped Daniel meet these expenses out of their own pockets during the first 10 months of his imprisonment, are no longer in the picture. That leaves the remaining neighbors in Tapuach, who are stuck with the burden of paying the above bills, including the care of Cassador.

During the previous 10 months of jail, there was someone living in his house who took care of the dog. Now the house stands empty and the neighbors let Cassador out of the house for some exercise when they can, and make sure she has enough food as well. It's very hard - both on the neighbors and on Cassador.

Ideas are being floated to clean up Daniel's house and to put most of his stuff in storage - a project which would also cost money, but would make it possible for someone to live in the house temporarily and take on the expenses and the care of the dog, but, in the meantime...

I am starting a special campaign to collect emergency funds to pay bills and for dog food and other expenses while Daniel's in jail. PLEASE find it in your very large and generous hearts, once again, to send me a check, in shekels, dollars, or whatever foreign currency, to help reimburse Daniel's neighbors for the enormous expenses they are burdened with, and thus ease the pressure on them. NOW - while you're still reading this - make the check out to me (Dina Moskowitz) and send it to me at P.O. Box 6355, Jerusalem 91062. If it's in foreign currency, I will turn it into shekels (as I did many times during his first 10 months in jail) and send it to his neighbors. If in shekels, I will send the neighbors a shekel check of the same amount. But PLEASE - rush me your check TODAY!

(Of course, now that Daniel has a canteen number, you can still contribute shekels to it via the post office - but that won't help his neighbors pay his bills back in Tapuach!)

Please also forward this message to your own lists.

In the merit of this big mitzvah, may you know only smachot and good health and go from strength to strength.

Kol Tuv,


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