For those of you who don't already know: The entire shiva will be observed at Sara's z"l home: Shaulzon #26 apt. 7 (one fl. down) Har Nof, Jerusalem, and not in Tapuach, as previously posted.

Also, please daven for a Refua Shlema for the children of Sara Popper A"H:
Yisroel Mayer ben Sara
Avraham Yitzchok ben Sara
And for her husband/their father Ami (whose full name I'm trying to obtain - if anyone on this list has it, please inform us).

Shavua Tov, and may this be a week of only b'surot tovot,

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Nofer said...

His name is: Ami Chizkiyahu ben Rachel, who underwent unsuccessful back surgery Thursday, in critical condition.

I also rec'd this: "bs'd
I received an e mail from someone who is pretty sure that Sara A"H has a second name - Sara Gittel"
So your reader may want to use that name when praying for the children.