Sara Popper z"l

Re: Sara Popper z"l

Shiva will be observed tonite and till noon tomorrow (Friday) at the
home of Sara z"l in Har Nof, Jerusalem. I just spoke to her brother
Lenny Goldberg, the number there is 02-6519077. After noon tomorrow,
shiva will be observed at Lenny's home in Tapuach till Wednesday. Call
there at 03-9366094 for directions and more information.

I am posting below a talkback comment I found in the Jerusalem Post
online edition, which consists of a nice mini-eulogy for Sara z"l. It
was refreshing to read after reading negative comments from the Post
talkbacks. You be the judge re what the commenter says about her
husband Ami.

BTW, he and the surviving sons are hospitalized at Hadassah Hospital -
Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Let's pray for "b'surot tovot" and that Lenny and his family, and Ami
and his two sons be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Kol Tuv, Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov,

tradgic death of Sarah Popper, a woman in my community
LK - Israel
01/18/2007 13:32

Sarah was a fine person who made choices that I don't understand. She
had free will to make wise choices for herself and for reasons I don't
understand she chose her life with this husband and in her merit
perhaps G-d granted her three beautiful chidlren. And now she is dead.
I knew Sarah; I feel she did her best to be the best wife and mother
she could be. I pray her soul is now at peace and her living 2 children
will be cared for by a loving famil y and her husband will do 'true'

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