Words of a prophet

I see all this and know that if we are to save the Jewish state and its three-and-a-half million Jews from terrible horrors, we must rise up and demand a fundamental change in the very system of government. We must throw out those who destroy us from within, and keep them out. I know that this present system of government that allows them to control our lives and lead us to destruction, must be ended. I know that elections must be limited only to those who understand that the Arabs are the deadly enemy of the Jewish state, who would bring on us a slow Auschwitz -- not with gas, but with knives and hatchets. I know that only those groups which accept the following program should be allowed to run for office:
To finish the Arab war against Israel with every means at our disposal and an end to the immoral and sick "pity" for them; to remove the Arabs from the Land once and for all; to annex Judea-Samaria-Gaza and make them part of the Jewish State; to radically overhaul the bankrupt education of Israel by infusing our children with Judaism and true nationalism; to cleanse Israel radio and television of the mad and dangerous leftists who, daily, destroy us from within.
I know that unless the people rise up and demand such a national referendum, to dissolve the Knesset and vote on such a program, we are lost. And I am afraid.

-Rabbi Meir Kahane

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