update from hameir.org.il

Daniel Pinner still sits in prison, waiting out the final decision of his trial which will be given next week. If he is acquitted of the more serious charges against him, he can be released. But even if the judge makes that deci­sion, there is no doubt the prosecution will appeal it, guaranteeing Daniel another month in prison, no matter what.
This past week, Daniel organized his own "Yahrzeit" event for Binyamin and Talyia Kahane in "yeshiva" Ramle prison, buying refreshments from the prison can­teen for the Torah wing. Daniel then spoke about Binyamin Kahane on three levels: 1. as a potential "gadol" of this generation if he had not been taken out so early 2. as the son of Rabbi Meir Kahane 3. as a close friend. He pointed out that in these parshas deal­ing with Yosef and Binyamin, every time Binyamin is mentioned as "the lad" (na'ar) – the targum translates the word as "taliya".

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