Hamas Adopts Idol Worship as Charter

In the ancient world, drinking the blood of one's enemies was a way to consume the enemy. Idol worshippers believed that drinking the enemy's blood allowed them to consume and thus gain the essence and soul of the enemy, leading to further victory.

Let no Jew or Christian be fooled: This is idol worship at its purest, most sinister form.

As the appointed servants of Hashem, Jews are commanded and obligated to destroy such idol worshippers and chase them from the land of Israel - ALL the land of Israel: The Nile to the Euphrates.

Idol Worship Actions of "Palestinian" Muslims:

1. "Suicide" bombing

2. Sending children as human sacrifices: IE: Encouraging children to become suicide bombers.

3. Killing people who refuse to become suicide bombers or who refuse to allow their children to become suicide bombers.

4. Executing Jews and drinking our blood.

5. Claiming they have the right to do all of the above in the name of Allah. Allah is no longer the same deity as Hashem, he is akin to Ba'Al Peor or Malakh.

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