The New Israeli Regime

On January 31, Dr. Michael Savage put forth on his radio show (KNEW San Francisco) a theory of why the Israelis are no longer protecting themselves and are giving in to their sworn enemies, the Arabs who come from Iraq but call themselves Palestinians.

Dr. Savage hypothesizes that because during the Gulf War George Bush, Sr., convinced the Israelis not to retaliate to the Scud missiles fired at Tel Aviv by Iraq, the Israelis were militarily and spiritually castrated. He further proposes that the Israelis have now become fully dependent upon America to protect us and that we have lost our warrior personality.

I both agree and disagree. Though I do not believe it was the Bush administration that was the instrument of castration, I believe some degree of castration was involved. However, it was not the religious Jews of Israel, the dedicated and persevering Jews who follow halacha and give their lives and spirits to the nation at great personal cost, who were castrated. It was the secular branch of the Israeli military that lost its might. In fact, it was during this period that the ultra-orthodox became more involved in the Israeli military than ever before, serving in special units and accomplishing upper ranks and feats in a manner with no previous precedent among that community.

But having lived in Israel at that time, one can testify to the deep feeling of unity among Israelis at that time. There was a large degree of good will among the people, and volunteerism soared during that period. If anything, Israelis benefited from increased love for one another at that time, and that is reflected in the relatively low number of casualties and fatalities as a result of the Scud missles.

The fact that more people weren't killed or maimed was nothing short of a miracle. Shamir did a good job of making sure the gas masks were distributed effectively, and he kept the nation relatively calm. But then after the war, amidst increased terror in the form of bombings and shootings, the Israeli people forgot the unity gained during the Gulf War experience and elected Rabin.

When Oslo was hoisted on Israel, and the Israelis were forced to allow Arafat to walk within her borders, it destroyed the morale of the entire country. Rabin foisted Oslo on us much like a dictator, but apparently Clinton and Peres did not feel Rabin was giving in quickly or deeply enough, so they conspired to have him assassinated.

But it wasn't just that we allowed Arafat to walk among us. It was the increased terror. Here we were, pulling out all stops to make friends with the enemy, and they were blowing up buses, sometimes the same busline three, four weeks in a row - and we weren't fighting back. And not only did they blow up buses. It was then that we allowed the US to give them weapons, which they promptly distributed amongst themselves. But they didn't only distribute weapons. They immediately began their mini-training camps for children as young as two years old. These same children are now sixteen year-old suicide bombers who are bloodthirsty, and can't wait to get their hands around our necks.

Hence, the party that is mostly guilty for the destruction of Israel, followed by Rabin, Peres, Barak and Netanyahu, is the far left Democratic party of the US. Carter and Clinton are the destructors of Israel. Both of them claim "deep commitment to the purpose of G-d," yet every time either of them has meddled in International affairs, each left a trail of destruction in his wake - not only in Israel, but in what used to be Persia and Bosnia respectively.

Carter and Clinton foisted Camp David and then Oslo on the Jewish people.
Though President Reagan was cognizant of Camp David, he did his best to pretend it didn't exist. But Clinton, taking his lead from George Bush, Sr., didn't get it. Clinton, led by Carter, really cared nothing for the Jews; in fact, both of them come from deeply racist Southern backgrounds.

They were both raised in the deep South and influenced by the KKK and other political figures who desire the destruction of both the Jew and the African American. The only thing either Carter or Clinton ever considered were their shiny new Nobel Peace Prizes.

Israel should have assassinated Arafat the moment he stepped foot on Israel.

The disgusting pig should not have been allowed to defile our soil with his footsteps. He should have been killed openly and without regret. We should have had the Israeli police kill him, in public, on camera, and broadcast it to the entire world, just as we broadcast the execution of Eichman.

We should have declared boldly, "This is what will befall the murderers of Israel and Jews. Anytime an enemy rises up against us to murder us, we will destroy him."

We should also have executed Arafat's wife and child.

At this very moment the Israeli army, instead of destroying Jewish homes built on Jewish property, should be surrounding Gaza with tanks, flying overhead with every plane they can spare, and disarming all men and male teenagers.

The Israeli army should be rounding up the women and children, boarding them on buses, and driving them through Jordan to the Iraqi border. If Jordan doesn't allow us to do so, we should nuke Amman. In fact, we should let every Arab nation know - Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt, that if they do not take back their filthy verminous excuses for human beings, we will nuke every one of their capitals: Amman, Mecca, Damascus, Cairo.

We should nuke Mecca first, just to let them know we mean business.

And we should never, ever apologize.

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