Beit Shapira closed off

At about 1:30 am israel time, the army and police closed off the area leading to beit shapira. several bottles were thrown at soldiers from the occupants of beit shapira, and soldiers were harmed by bystanders who defended themselves in panic against storming soldiers with batons, shields and helmets. The majority of the crowd was chased toward the avraham avinu and beit hadassah neighborhoods in hebron. Some of us were left straggling on the other side, stranded from our vehicles and homes.

Several soldiers were harmed and it seems the Yassamnikim are exercising restraint. Several times I noticed officers stopped by commanders ordering them to calm down and disengage from the crowd.

However, several people were arrested and at least one civilian was injured in the leg and taken to the hospital at about 2 AM.


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

How many Yassamnikim will they have to use to prevent us from taking Beit Shapira back?!

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Shift gears!
The residents of Beit Shapira were kicked out. They're out. The place is Judenrein.
Protests are taking place elsewhere.
The key issue now: DOWN WITH OLMERT!

If HaRav Ovadiah comes into his senses, maybe he'll have Shas leave the coallition and make the government fall.

Next to the coming of Mashiach, that's the best thing that could happen now.