Majority of Israelis want Arabs to Leave

A survey by Israel's Domacracy Institute found that a majority of Israelis want Arabs to leave. Israel National News article.

Kahane was right, which is why they feared and outlawed him. Beni Elon should not have cowered from Moledet's true mandate this year, and because he bonded with the wishy-washy NRP he lost votes and cost us lives.

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

For those in the USA:
This Tuesday, May 23rd, there will be a rally in Washington DC. Everyone come! Starting at 12:00 Noon, in the northern side of the Capitol (across Constitution Ave) we will be having a rally asking the US Congress NOT to approve the loan guarantees for the new Disengagement program (AKA Convergence program -- national suicide by any other name...). Please be there. There will be buses from EVERY Jewish community in the East coast of the United States. Check with Bnai Elim, or your local Rabbi and/or Jewish leader for info on you specific community.