SHAS compromise leads to MORE - not less - HILLUL SHABBOS in HEBRON

The Shas compromise presented to the residents of Beit Shapira in Hebron led to more hillul shabbos - not less. Supposedly early Friday morning the Shas party demanded the army step down until Sunday AM in order to mitigate hillul Shabbos on the part of the police and army. The army and police pretended to go away, so the reporters left thinking there'd be no story until Sunday.

Suddenly, at about 1 PM Friday the army returned with Yassamnikim and closed off Beit Shapira, declaring the area around the house a closed military zone.

They literally pushed me out of the area in front of the house while I was on the phone with Shlomo Wollins.

Tonight, a Galei Tzahal reporter called the Shlissel's home, with absolutely no inkling that they are no longer allowed to come and go at their own will from Beit Shapira.

The yassamnikim are standing around Beit Shapira with no name tags on their uniforms, batons in hand.

Teenagers scream "Police go home" from the rooftop and throw paint pellets and eggs.

MK Cohen of the Shas party refuses to answer his pages and phone calls and inquires as to why the police and army violated Shabbos despite Shas's demands. Shas is apparently playing their "hear no evil see no evil" game. As long as Olmert feeds their school system, Shas the leech is happy.

If you are unhappy about the hillul shabbos, you can call MK Yitzchak Cohen of Shas on his cell phone at 0505-457005.

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Yep, it was all clear since the moment Shas joined in into the coallition.

HaRav Ovadia had announced that voting for, or joining in, the Kadima party was a sure one-way ticket to GEHINNOM!

Seems like his talmid, Yitchak Cohen, and the entire political leadership of Shas decided to have jump into a chartered ultrasonic Concorde fligh in that direction...