Jeff Seath Update - August 21

From Dina Moskowitz:

Jeffrey Seath/Shmuel Zatam, a recent oleh hadash (new immigrant)from North Carolina to K'far Tapuach in Samaria, has been sitting in prison for almost 3 months (so far) for stowing a rifle and other suspicious items in his lift, which he had intended to donate to the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]. A lawyer has recently been hired to defend him and his trial will be starting next month.

Jeff, a Ger Tzedeq (convert - His father is a Jewish, Holocaust survivor, and his mother a Cherokee Indian.) who came from a background of "hill, still and Klan country," is a member of Jews for Judaism and has left his family and friends and financial assets in North Carolina to live with and defend his people in Eretz Israel. In my almost daily phone conversations with him, I've been learning some fascinating details about his family and background that, hopefully, one day Jeff will publish in his autobiography.

Regardless of your personal opinion regarding whether his actions were just plain stupid or othewise, Jeff is alone and new in the country and needs to know that people are on his side. So I again appeal to your generous hearts and souls to participate in the mitzvah of "pidyon shevuyim" (redemption of captives) by helping Jeff in the following ways:

1. Donate money towards his legal expenses, which will be considerable. Write out your generous check (both sheqqels and foreign currency are OK) (make the check out to "Mishalot Yisrael") and send it IMMEDIATELY to:

Mishalot Yisrael
P.O. Box 6592
Jerusalem, Israel

("Mishalot Yisrael [Israel's Requests]" is a registered amutah - non profit organization). Please be sure to mark somewhere on the check or in a separate note that it's for Jeff's lawyer/legal fees.

2. Shekels (only) may also be deposited in his jail canteen account, account #1230524, at any Post Office Bank all over Israel (he told me this morning that his funds in the account are getting low). This will allow him to purchase necessities in the canteen.

3. Write positive, warm and encouraging letters to Jeff (in English only), send to:

Shmuel Zatam
Kele Shiqmav
Ezor Ta'asiya (industrial zone)
P.O. Box 17
Ashqelon, Israel

4. If you're in Israel, visit Jeff in Shiqmah Prison in Ashqelon (see my previous posts about the requirements). Visiting hours are still between 9:00am -1:00pm on Mondays only, and must be coordinated with ME in advance. He needs visitors to bring phone cards most of all, but let me know of other items he needs, too.

5. Jeff's hearing is scheduled for Sept. 7 in Haifa. Jeff told me this morning that he would love to see many friendly faces in the courtroom, so please reserve this date to come and support Jeff. Details re time and place will be in a future post.

6. If you would like Jeff to call you (he cannot be called), please e-mail me your LAND phone number (cell numbers cost his phone cards too many units) and I'll give them to Jeff when he calls.

Y'shar Koach in advance,

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