Write to Jeff Seath

Being that Jeff has no family in Israel, he needs chizuk and encouragement from his friends in Israel, and from whoever takes an interest in his case from outside of Israel.

Things get pretty lonely in an Israeli jail for a new immigrant and Ger Tzedek who knows no Hebrew.

You can help keep Jeff's spirits up during this very difficult time for him. Messages of hope, encouragement, chizuk and love can and should be mailed to him, hopefully a whole lot of them.

Let's show Jeff that he is certainly in our thoughts and prayers and that he's not forgotten!

Send your letter (ONLY IN ENGLISH, please) to:

Shmuel Zatam


Kele Shikma

Ezor Ta'asiya (industrial zone)

P.O. Box 17

Ashkelon, Israel

We should all have an easy but meaningful fast, and may this be the very last fast that Am Israel has to observe!

L'Shanah Ha Ba'ah B'Yerushalayim!

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