Israeli "DeMOCKracy" Prisoner update

By Nofyah

If you have any information on other prisoners, please email me. The purpose of this site is to keep information current about Israeli judicial abuse.

Here is a summary of prisoners and victims of harrassment known to us:

In the last two weeks, close to 20 reserve soldiers living in Judea and Samaria have been arrested for refusing, a year ago, to take part in the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. At least two - from Tekoa and Yitzhar - have been incarcerated for 25-28 days each.


Ariel Gruner, Yitzhar, father of one. Crime: not wanting to be homeless.

Boaz Albert, Yitzhar, father of five.

Hanoch Albert, Shiloh.

Rabbi Yossi Paley, Yitzhar, arrested for writing "inciteful" article....five years ago (Yes, in a Bolshevik gov't, crimes can be invented from previously "legal" activity)

Tirzah Sariel. 15-year-old girl arrested for defending another girl for dumping a bucket of olives, transferred to Neve Tirtzah.

Shimshon Cytryn, 19, released to house arrest.

Miriam Adler, Sa-Nur, awaiting trial for protecting right to home.

If you have names/details to add, please contact me.

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