Jeff Seath Update

By Dina M.

Unfortunately I and the rest of the people accompanying me to Jeff's
hearing in Haifa today (including Daniel Pinner), didn't quite make
it to the courthouse in the long drive from Jerusalem to Haifa, due
to a late start and multiple traffic jams on the way.

However, two of our friends, member Gilma Ramirez and her friend
Dan, drove to Haifa from elsewhere in the North and did manage to
attend the hearing (Y'shar Koach to them!), and from them and from
Jeff's lawyer, Baruch Ben-Yosef, I learned that a decision in Jeff's
case has not yet been made.

Baruch is trying to get the prosecution to drop a paragraph in the
indictment against Jeff stating that Jeff brought in his gun in
order to kill Arabs, which is what the prosecution has been trying
to prove since Jeff was arrested in June. If the prosecution agrees
to drop their claim on Jeff's motivation for bringing in the gun,
the court can proceed directly to sentencing. In the event they
don't agree, the case will then go to an evidentiary hearing, to
take place on Sept. 25 (it is as yet unclear whether this will be a
hearing just for the lawyers or for the public, too - more details
will be forthcoming).

In the meantime, Jeff sits in jail and is currently incommunicado
until they return him to Shikma Prison in Ashkelon.

(Just a reminder that if you haven't yet heard Jeff's call-in to
Tamar Yonah's show on Arutz 7, you only have a couple of days left
to listen before the show is removed from the site!)

As soon as I hear from Jeff, I will post again.

Kol Tuv and Shabbat Shalom,

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