The Case of Tzvia Sariel -- An 18 Year-Old Prisoner of Zion in the Holy Land

This is from an email from Mattot Arim:

Tomorrow (Wednesday), Kfar Saba: Another Court Session Re: 18 Year-Old Imprisoned Girl

In the USA: Call the Embassy, ask about Tzvia!!

Tomorrow, 5 March, come to Kfar Saba to attend yet another court session for jailed Tzvia from Elon Moreh. Session begins at 9 in Bet Mishpat haShalom courthouse in Kfar Saba (a few minutes walk from Tsomet Raanana -- right next to the police station). Ask for Judge Nava Bechor's courtroom -- It is preferable to come at 8 if you want to be inside (as opposed to holding a sign outside) because the courtroom is very small. Call Dudi in the morning to make sure there is no change in the time: 052-6070116. You may wish to bring a little sign: FREE TZVIA NOW!!

Pidion Shvuim Alert for USA Citizens re: Tzvia Sariel
Age: 18 Whereabouts: in Neve Tirza prison for three months
Charge: refusing to cooperate with police

How you can help her: Tzvia Sariel has been in prison for three months. Her crime: She refuses to cooperate with police who arrested her at a protest in her community of Elon Moreh in northern Samaria. On Feb. 27, Tzvia was brought to court where witnesses failed to identify her as the girl accused of pushing three Arabs. Still, Kfar Saba Magistrate Navah Bechor sent Tzvia back to jail until the next hearing on March 5. The treatment of Tzvia is not exceptional. Since 2005, when the Israeli government planned the expulsion of the nearly 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, authorities drafted regulations that reserved special treatment for Jewish protesters.

When residents of Sderot blocked the Tel Aviv highway in February in anger over the government's refusal to stop Hamas missile gunners, police stood by respectfully. When Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, protesting the government's expulsion policy, tried to do the same, they were beaten and thrown into prison.

Please telephone the Israeli Embassy at 202-364-5500 or the Israeli consulate nearest you and ask why Tzvia is still in prison. Do not argue with the embassy or consulate staffers. Instead, say that as a devout supporter of Israel, you have been defending the Jewish state from criticism by pro-Arabs who accuse Israel of violating human rights.

Therefore, you are shocked to hear about Tzvia, do not understand why she is in prison and feel that she be released immediately. Stay calm, but be very clear in your message.

Please act quickly. What could be more important than winning the release of a young Jewish girl imprisoned for loving her country and people?

See also here story in Arutz Sheva (click here)

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Anonymous said...

As all of you know an 18 year old Jewish girl has been locked in Israeli prison for more than three month, the news article is below. I have another apporach of how we can help her, it will involve all of us.

Let us support her and write her a lot of letters. She is a single girl so if you or you know any Jewish guys that would be interested to meet her please send yourself or ask them to send their photo or photo of their friends. She is a religious girl but guys can be either black or knitted kippa, Ashkenazim or Sephardim. Let us show a strong support for her and treat her as a hero, any guy would love to marry a true warrior of Zion.

Also invite her to America to go around and speak, I will help with preparations. We need to hear her speak because she is a hero and she is the best candidate to portray the true democracy in Israel. She can speak in any Synagogue.

Let us support her to the fullest. There are poeple who already started doing that. We can also sent mail to her parents, so if you want that, email me separately I don't want to give their address on the internet.

Also Tzvia stays in horrible conditions in jail and denied to many basic human rights, please if possible, place inside your envelope a dollar bill or two dollars. Do not mail more than $5 because the guards are known to keep the money. If you do decide to sent a big sum of money to prison, make sure you will write a similar letter to her parents and state that you sent her specific amount of dollars. Please sent only bills, she has no access to cash a check.

Just write her simple, plain letters, praise her, congratulate her. Keep in mind she is single and she would appreciate if you have ncie Shiduhim for her. Let us show support all around the world to tell Tzvia that Nation of Israel is with her.

Write to this address

Tzvia Sariel
Neve Tirza Prison
P.O. Box 297
Ramle 72100 Israel

With love of Israel
Gennadiy Faybyshenko