Tzvia Sariel Released!

Word has come that Tzvia Sariel has finally been released, on time for her family in Elon Moreh to celebrate Purim reunited with their daughter. Baruch Hashem!

But what about the damage already done to her? What about the government who gets away with these type of abuses?

One is only left to wonder. Tzvia Sariel is now free, but who'll be next?

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...


E-mail from Susie Dym:

Dear Friends,

I just spoke personally to Tzvia Sariel, acquitted today, who sends her personal thx worldwide to all her thousands of supporters who worked toward her release today and on behalf of a true Purim spirit here in Israel.

Tzvia sounded very, very happy!

She was in the presence of her mother and many brothers and sisters who were making alot of noise.

They had just arrived at Elon Moreh.

Tzvia said that she was well informed by Honenu, in her prison cell, of each and every effort that every one of us was making.

I hope I spoke for all of you when I told her that she "made our Purim".

I said that her courage and self-sacrifice have been and continue to be an inspiration and challenge to Jews everywhere and that some of you were so excited that you copied entire chapters of Tehilim (Psalms) into your emails.

Good work everybody. Tzvia's courage, Divine justice and YOUR dedication combined together and won. Kol hakavod. Many more.

PS Thank you Gennadiy Faybyshenko for remembering to give everyone Tzvia's address. It is: Tzvia Sariel, Elon Moreh D.N. SHOMRON, 44833 ISRAEL

Susie Dym, spokesperson

Mattot Arim, Israel