Newsflash: Halamish Brothers

5 Nissan 5768

From Women In Green:

NEWSFLASH from the Committee for the Release of the
Halamish Brothers!

Against all odds and against all expectations, at the very last minute, the incarceration of Danny and Itzik Halamish has been postponed until after Pesach by Judge Ravid who could not accept the fact that the Halamish brothers were refused a proper hearing when they asked to postpone their jail term.

Such a hearing will be held after Pesach.

Accordingly, the demonstration that was supposed to be held tomorrow is also postponed. Details will be posted if needed.

Datya Yitzhaki, Secretary Maaleh Rehavam 050-5246770
Nadia Matar, co-chair Women in Green 050-5500834

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