Please tell your friends and relatives!!!

Dear Friends near and far,
In the last few months I have slowly been making my way in cyberspace selling items on eBay thanks to taking an internet marketing course I took with a neighbor.

I am now offering "All you need in a box" Passover spice kits on eBay. Please let your rabbis, friends and relatives WORLDWIDE know.

Each "kit" will come with a copy of the Kashrut certificates from the Badatz Beit Yosef and the Shomron religious council. The supplier is Tavlinai Natanel from the Barkan Industrial Center. I am buying via a well known shopkeeper in the shuk. Everything is being cleaned for Pesach in his store as I write this.

If you have a charity that is registered on eBay and would like to send your donors to my auctions we can arrange for your charity to benefit. Give me an approximate number of orders and the name of your organization and I will make a special auction just for you to send your patrons to. Your donation tier will start at 10% but will be promoted according to number of sales. Each group of 180 sales will earn a promotion up to a maximum of 30% of the auction earnings.

For examples see items:

Items are certified Kosher for Passover for Ashkenazim and Sephardim by Badatz Beit Yossef under the auspices of Rabbi Ovadia Yossef.

Individual items will become available for sale later this week. Bulk orders are also available.

Thank you and have a Very Happy Purim Holiday and a Wonderful Adar!

Nofia Vered Shem Tov (aka Bonnie)

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