Jeff Seath Update

Shalom and Shavua Tov to all,Thanks to Yocheved Belogorodsky for the following update on Jeff Seath:Jeff has been transferred from Kishon Prison in Haifa, to Shikma Prison in Ashkelon. Visiting days, hours and number of people authorized to visit him are currently being worked out, with the hope of expanding them. Since Jeff has no family in Israel, so far Yocheved is the only one who has permission to visit him at Shikma, and she's planning to do so tomorrow (Monday).Jeff is in great need of things he can't buy from the jail canteen, especially phone cards, but also including pans to heat food in, a fan, summer shirts, and the like. Especially for those of you in Tapuach, if you could go to Yocheved TODAY and contribute something to her so that she can buy these things for him before she visits him tomorrow, it would be much appreciated (keep in mind that the cost of gas from Tapuach to Ashkelon will be very high). Yocheved will appreciate any and all contributions towards Jeff's needs.I'll post to the group again when I have more information.Kol Tuv,Dina

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