Tzfat Residents in distress

There are many individuals and families who are currently stuck inthe shelters in Tzfat, due to the constant hits by Katyushotmissiles. Tzfat, as we all know, is one of the hardest-hit cities inthe North. The people who could not leave the city for whateverreason, are running out of basic supplies, such as food, drinks,children's toys and other necessities, and due to the constantbombing quite a few are actually afraid to come out of the sheltersto buy what they need. In addition, there are very few storesremaining open for them to shop in, even when they do dare to ventureout of the shelters.As the war drags on, the situation for those remaining in shelters inthe North is getting more and more dire and desperate. Please openyour hearts to these Tzfatis who are fast running out of the basicsin their shelters. If you wish to donate money or items, or for moreinformation, please call Zehava in Jerusalem at 0544-579576, orDevorah Leah in Tzfat at 04-6820083.In the merit of performing this huge mitzvah, may you and yours beblessed with good health, strength and peace.

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