Daniel Loses Appeal

By Dina M.

Daniel had been released last April pending a decision on his appeal
to either reduce his sentence (to less than the 24 months he got), or
to reduce the charge (of malicious assault). The good news is that
the prosecution, who appealed for a longer sentence of 7 years, also
lost their appeal.

So for saving his own life on the Gush Katif beach, Daniel will be
going back to jail on 24 Tishrei/October 16. At this point it is
unclear to which jail he will be returned (either Beersheba or
Ma'asiyahu - he prefers the latter). I will post as soon as I know.

Taking into consideration the 10 1/2 months he already served in
jail, and POSSIBLY getting 1/3 off his sentence for good behavior (8
months)(he is not particularly optimistic about this), under the best
of circumstances he'll have only 6 more months of imprisonment.

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