Israel the Police State/Country of pigheaded fools

Israel is not a democratic country or a Jewish country for that matter. In a democracy courts would need evidence to jail people for 24 months. In a Jewish country Arabs would be executed or at least deported for even threatening a Jew.

Israel is neither, and as such is no longer a valid state. She does not belong in the League of Nations. Her leaders are empty, pigheaded clots whose only concerns are their pocketbooks and liquor cabinets.


Olmert finishes Hitler's work, and most Israelis will go on with their days as if nothing is wrong.

On a side note, Nasrallah wants Olmert to stay in power...because Olmert does a better job ruining Israel than Hizballah!!!

"If we have to choose between a foolish prime minister and another who is strong and capable, we prefer that the fool remain,” he told Lebanese Al-Safir newspaper Tuesday. Nasrallah made the comments when asked about the prime minister’s recent claims - themselves based on Nasrallah’s statements - that Israel had won the war.

"I don't mind that Olmert is benefiting from [my statements that we did not expect Israel’s response],” Nasrallah said. “Olmert says he achieved something because he put me in a bunker. All his objectives in the war amounted only to my being in a bunker.”

Nofyah Altman

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