Shimshon Cytryn Update - September 3

Motza'ei Shabbath Qodesh Ki Tetze 5766

Shimshon CytrynShimshon's appeal to be placed under house arrest until his trial is scheduled to take place this morning (Sunday) at the Supreme Court at 9:00. He currently sites in the Deqel jail in Be'er Sheva. According to Shimshon's grandmother, he is kept in very bad conditions. He is both isolated and not allowed to contact his family.

Shimshon has apparently chosen not to attend the trial. His family does not have any idea as to why, and is very worried about his physical and mental well-being, due to the treatment he is receiving.

In his grandmother's words, "Shimshon is NOT a criminal. He was down in Gush Katif protecting his fellow Jews. We know that the same Muwassi that he was accused of harming are the same ones that were at war with our soldiers recently in Gaza who needed the air force to protect them. We know that this same Muwassi reported on [Israeli radio] Reshet Bet that he was not injured by a 'settler.' We have pictures to verify that the Arabs down in the Gush were the perpetrators of this rock throwing event. How long does this young man need to be tortured instead of being allowed to lead a productive life in Israel."

When information becomes available as to how you can help Shimshon with his legal fees and emotional support it will be published here.

Please help spread the word of Shimshon's plight.

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