Tirzah Sariel Released

By Nadia and Ruth Matar

Tirza Sariel, the 15 year old girl who refused to recognize the
authority of the court, is being released at this very moment, after
having been in jail for over two and a half months. This after the
Public Defendant surprisingly initiated a last-minute court session
in the District Court this morning, Tuesday, September 19, 2006.

Only the mother of Tirza was allowed inside the court room (because
Tirza is a minor). When she came out she told us, who had come to
show support, that the entire discussion by the prosecutor was more
ideological than legal.

The prosecutor (wearing a kippa) claimed that Tirza needs to stay in
jail because the State must "educate" the entire public that Tirza

The Public Defendent, on the other hand, claimed that the purpose of
the court system is not to educate, but to judge and decide whether
the accused is guilty or not of the crime she is accused of.

In addition, the judge also said that even if Tirza were to be found
guilty in her upcoming court case, she would not receive a punishment
of staying in jail at all, or for more than she already sat, and thus
there is no justification to keep her in.

In summary, the judge released Tirza without conditions and without

It is clear to us that the public pressure and outcry from around the
world has helped. The case of injustice and persecution of Tirza
Sariel was spread in Hebrew and English to the entire world and
hundreds of people sent letters and faxes of protest against Tirza's
arrest. Yashar koach to all of you who helped.

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