Contact Prisoners Easily Through Voice Mail!

2 Marheshvan 5768

It is easy to contact several Orange Prisoners of Zion at the Ayalon and Massiyahu Prisons through their shared voice mail box:


After the music, menu, and beep, press the following numbers for the "residents," as the outgoing message says:

0 - Ofer ?? 1 - Aryeh Tessler 2 - Yitzhaq Ohayon

3 - Yehudah Ovadiah 4 - David ?? 5 - Gilad Pollack

6 - Eliyashiv Gilbar 7 - Shlomi Dvir

The tape wasn't great. So, if anyone can hear the two names I missed, please list here in a comment below.

Also, it's still not too late to call Gilad Pollack, and wish him a Happy Birthday.

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