Daughters Of Zion

9 Shevat 5768

Some of our sisters and daughters are still being held in the Neveh Tirtzah Women's Prison. They were taken in for entering what the government calls "closed military area," Givat Or, a hilltop next to Bet-El. These young women have refused to identify themselves to the secular criminal justice system, whose authority they do not recognize.

Batya at Shilo Musings has been doing her own investigation, and has found that these young women may only have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is actually a repeat of two previous incidents. Back in 5765 (2005), three teen girls from K'far Tapu'ah were arrested for civil disobedience, protesting the impending expulsion of Jews from Azza. These three also refused to recognize the authority of the secular courts. As time passed the courts realized that they could not get away with the double standard they were perpetrating. They were holding three teen girls for civil disobedience until trial; whereas suspected perpetrators of violent crimes were given house arrest or released on bail.

The courts attempting to send them to a religious Kibbutz for "re-education" until their trial date. (Yes! That was the term used!) To the girls' credit, they refused, citing that the level of religious observance was not acceptable to them. The courts were willing to send them to a religious kibbutz, as they know full well that the State-loyalty indoctrination is just as effective in such a setting as in a secular setting. The courts eventually set a compromise, and released the girls' into the custody of on the girl's grandparents, living in the Greater Tel-Aviv Area. Releasing them back into the custody of their parents was not an option, as the judge believed the girls to pose a "dangerous influence" on their town. Yes, those were the judge's words.

More recently, Tirtzah Sariel face a similar ordeal. She also suffered for her failure to recognize the secular courts which enforced laws going against Torah.

And now, the government has resulted to even more treacherous deeds of,...yes, I will call it torture. That is essentially what it is. They are that desperate, and fearful of the power of faith in HaShem and dedication to the observance of His Torah, that this what they must stoup to.

Police Abused Young Religious Girls in Prison

(IsraelNN.com) Police forced several girls under the age of 16 to strip in prison, where they have been held under harsh conditions and without being charged, their parents charged. Police also allegedly woke them up repeatedly in order to deprive them of sleep in an attempt to break their determination not to identify themselves.

Judges have allowed the police to incarcerate the seven girls, ages 13 to 15, for entering a closed military zone and trying to establish a new hilltop community near Beit El, north of Jerusalem. The girls have refused to identify themselves because they say they abide by the law of the Torah and do not recognize the authority of secular judges.

Police responded to the charges with a routine statement that parents "are welcome to file a complaint" and the police themselves will investigate the charges.

Rabbis have called upon us to fast in support of our sisters and daughters.

Fast Day Thursday for Teenage Girls Held in Prison

(IsraelNN.com) Leading rabbis, including Kiryat-Hevron Chief Rabbi Dov Lior, have called on people to fast on Thursday on behalf of seven girls, ages 13 to 15, who have been held in Neveh Tirza prison near Ramle, east of Tel Aviv. The girls were arrested for trying to establish a hilltop community and have refused to identify themselves.

"In protest against the mistreatment and incarceration of these dear daughters of Zion and in protest against the terrible intention, G-d forbid, to endanger every single soul in Israel and to exile Jews from their homes and to expel them from their rightful inheritance, from Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, we call on all who are able to fast," said the Council of Rabbis of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha).

A Justice Ministry spokesman said, "The girls' release from prison is impossible until they agree to identify themselves because we cannot take legal action against the girls unless they divulge their names. Allowing these minors to leave prison before they identify themselves would establish a negative precedent which would allow criminals to avoid prosecution."

The residents of Yehudah and Shomron and their supporters have come under fire for sending our sisters and daughters out to fight for justice while the men sit on the sidelines. This scrutiny has come from the Haredi community, among others, which has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to protest the anti-Torah state. The Haredi community does have a point.

However, the leftist media certainly controls what is reported and what is not, and is more than happy to be a participant in any rift between various religious communities.

Our men are fighting in a variety of ways. Many have even been silenced by the courts or police "stay away" orders.

Our sisters and daughters should be commended for their efforts and self-sacrifice.


Batya said...

thanks for the link
Why aren't you publicizing this blog?
Actually, I think that few people read additional blogs, so maybe we have to figure out a different way of dealing with special issues.

Ben-Yehudah said...

I believe we weill be doing a push to do just that. Thank you for spreading the word!

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

I've been following up close the drama of those detain girls. It is just shocking to see the mentality of abuse of the current government.
I grew up in South America in the 1970s, and the stories of abuse I heard those days were not too far off from the ones we hear today from the Olmert regime. Still, Olmert's corruption is difficult to compare. A country rule by such rubbish cannot dignify itself to be called a democracy.
It is sad, painful to talk about our Jewish homeland this way, but ignoring and burying our heads on the sand would take us no where fast.
Other than making rallies and saying tehillim for those girls, what can we do?
Until the Kadima regime falls -- and I mean FALLS! -- I don't know what it's going to be.