Daughters Of Zion Video

16 Shevat 5768

The following video was recently produced to publicize the plight of young Jewish prisoners, who up until recently were held in prison for refusing to participate with the corrupt, Israeli Judicial system. One 16-year-old is still being held. The video exposes the Israeli prison system, which is abusive to religious activists.

This video also has the goal of publicizing the Jewish People's struggle for its Homeland.

Thanks to Voice Of Judea for the video link.

Those interviewed or who provide commentary include Nadia Matar of Women In Green, Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, of the nascent Sanhedrin, Prof. Hillel Weiss, and a young activist encouraging her friends to maintain their faith and hope.

The introduction to the video reads:

"Young female religious teens were held in jail for almost one month for refusal to recognize the corrupt government system. Their crime: ... all » being on a hilltop in Judea - Samaria, Israel. One girl is still in jail since Dec. 5, '08. They placed her in solitary confinement to break her. She is 18 years old. She needs your help. Here is their story and their jail conditions, motivation and determination."

Several young women attempt to block the police van carrying their friends. Please keep in mind that it is a violation of the girls right to be handled by male law enforcement officers.

Although all but one of the girls have been released, there are still expenses to be covered.

To help contribute to the emergency campaign for their release:

From the U. S. 011-962-54-489-6709

From Israel 054-489-6709


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Joanne said...

For just being on a hilltop? But this is a case of establishing an illegal settlement on the West Bank! The dismantlement of most settlements there will be necessary to achieve peace.

Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H No, Joanne, this will not achieve peace. The West and Israel have repeated the same mistakes over again, expecting different results...treating Arabs as Westerners.

Peace will only be achieved when we fulfill the will of the Almighty. This includes protecting Jews, and preventing the release of any of the Land of Israel which He has granted to us.

Besides that, YES, they were just walking around a hilltop, and this is the State-sanctioned treatment that they get. If this were Dana Olmert and her left-wing cohorts they would have been treated much differently. No question.