Up Out of Bed With the Flu for Women

It's a very good question: Where are all the feminists now? I also ask this question myself. I am going to address a few subjects in this article, all together, and hopefully, you'll be able to follow my flu-feverish daze into some sort of logic.

Girls arrested on hilltop, taken to prison, abused, ignored by public
Grandmother arrested and sentenced for "helping" daughter kidnap, though daughter not convicted of kidnapping herself
Single mothers don't receive child support from abroad, Israeli government does nothing

NRG.co.il headlines today: nothing about women. Three side articles about women: some raunchy popstar, mistakes in childbirth, and some students in England find their teacher on U-Tube.

INN.co.il: Daughters of Zion, last three, finally released.

Ynet.co.il" Ora Bnay has a baby girl.

NO ONE REPORTS ON SERIOUS WOMEN'S ISSUES, PERIOD. Women make up at least 50% of the population of the world, yet even we, don't take ourselves seriously. If anything we are the least sympathetic to ourselves. Even my rabbi told me not to bother complaining about not receiving child support because "no one will really be sympathetic."

The year is 2008, 40 years after 1968...the feminists have grown up, saved their 401K's and now retiring to the Bahamas.

What does this all mean? I don't know. I think it means that Kol Yisrael Erevim Zeh L'Zeh. All of Israel is connected to one another. It is our responsibility to love one another and care for one another, man, women, child, old, young, settler, left-wing, kibbutznik, right-wing, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin, guy down the street. There is no one responsible for caring for different groups. We ALL have to care. About eachother. Period.

I am sick for the third time this winter. Please make chicken soup for your kids and think of me. If you want to pray for me for a Refuah Shleimah and for Parnassah, my name is Nofia (Nof-ya) bat Rivkah Chana Baylah.

Thank you.

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Refuah shleima and parnassa tova, indeed, and all the brachot you need even if you don't even think about them.
The problem with the "women's issues movement" is that it was just that, an ideological movement, rather than a practical, goal oriented, common sense effort.
Caring for one another, and respecting one another, should be not an empty slogan or a temporary fad, but the rock fundamental of our lives as Jews. Bull's eye!