Where Are The Feminists Now?

14 Shevat 5768

Three Girls Remain In Prison - Despite Court Ruling

by Hillel Fendel, 13 Shevat 5768/January 20, 2008

(IsraelNN.com) Three teenaged girls continue to be held in prison - despite a ruling by a District Court judge implying that the police should have released them this past Friday.

District Court Justice Noam Solberg ruled last Wednesday, regarding one of seven incarcerated girls, that whether or not the police succeed in identifying her, she must be freed by Friday at noon. Judge Solberg hinted that it is up to the police to identify them, and that it is not the girls' obligation to identify themselves. (Read more...)

NFPOZ Commentary:

So the Israeli police does not even follow the State's own rules. Surprised? You should not be. It only serves as additional evidence of the various double standards rampant in Israel.

Unfortunately, this fact continues to remain hidden from most Jews outside of Israel, especially in the U. S. As the wool continues to be pulled over their eyes, their longing for Israel, the Jewish Homeland, gets confused with a nonsensically idealistic view of the Israeli government. Their attitude remains "Anything having to do with Israel must be good."

The leftist, Israeli and foreign news media force their readers to wear rose-colored glasses wile examining the government. Then, in the same breath, demonize religious Jews, who often attempt to work within the government's framework to effect change, only to be betrayed with swift and frequent, changes in those vary rules.

This is what is now being called Israeli de-MOCK-racy.

Such double standards are found not only amongst the media and the government itself, but also amongst political activists, or rather self-serving political activists.

Minors are held in an adult prison.

Where are the human and civil rights activists? Where are the prisoner rights activists? This issue being fought exclusively by these girls fellow residents in Yehudah and Shomron, are issues which have fought by many across the political and religious spectrum.

Where are they now?

Young ladies have been incurring abuse at the hands of male, government employees.

Where are the feminists now?

These young ladies have been hung out to dry by the vary organizations and groups which claim to advocate on behalf of human beings, youth, women, or all of the above.

Apparently, these groups and organizations do not place the same value on rights and lives religious Jewish, as they do on the lives and rights of Jews who agree with their ideology,...or on the rights and lives of Arabs, who do not have a history of caring about any body's rights nor lives.


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

IMHO the fact that three girls have not been released, and given the testimony of abuse the released girls have already presented, is worthy of a major international campaign involving Jewish communities and influential contacts all over the world. This abuse of under-age Jewish females in Israel is a grave matter and must be everyone's concern.

Batya said...

don't dilute
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