Some good news on the Halamish brother's case (email from Women in Green)

In a very last minute appeal this morning to the Supreme Court the Halamish brothers achieved a two week postponement for their jail term.

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Kol Hakavod to the many who came to the demonstration at the Russian compound, despite the very last minute announcement.

Among the speakers at the demonstration were Rabbi Yossef Mendelevitch, ex-prisoner of Zion who meant to give Itzik and Danny the "Prisoner of Zion in Zion" medal made by the artist Aharon Shevo; Aharon Halamish, proud father of the Halamish brothers who told us this trial reminds him of the Dreyfuss trial; Attorney Johan Rhodius from Holland and expert in international law who told us that he analyzed the Halamish case in depth and in his entire career as a lawyer had never seen such despicable travesty of justice; Datya Yitzhaki, spokeswoman for the Maaleh Rehavam community; Rabbi Durani, Rabbi of Nokdim; Moshe Feiglin, head of Manhigut Yehudit; Boaz Haetzni from Chomesh Tehilla, historian Arieh Yitzhaki and Nadia Matar, co-chair of Women in Green.

All speakers strengthened Itzik and Danny, and pointed out that it is an honor to go to jail for the "crime" of loving the Land and the people of Israel. All agreed that please G-d the day will come where this current corrupt and evil leadership in Israel will fall and the country will be ruled by proud Jews like Itzik and Danny.

The participants held signs in Hebrew and English and signs with the faces of the two brothers with the clear message: we are all Itzik and Danny.

After the Supreme court's decision, Itzik and Danny joined us and we welcomed them on a special red carpet with songs and Shofar blowing.

It is crucial to use the next two weeks to increase the public pressure in Israel and abroad in order to try to make sure that Itzik and Danny's incarceration will be, please G-d, completely cancelled.

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