Amir Al-Quntar: "I will kill more Israelis"

Amir Al-Quntar: "No. I am proud of this, and Allah willing, I will get the chance to kill more Israelis. As for the children, that's another story. A girl was killed during the operation, in the crossfire. In all the operations that involved capturing Israeli hostages, the hostages were killed by the bullets of the Israeli forces. In the operation of Dalal Al-Maghrabi, the [Israelis] fired like crazy on the bus, and killed a large number of Jewish hostages. In the Ma'alot operation, hostages were taken at a high school. [The Israelis] used anti-tank missiles to storm the school, killing many. The same thing happened in my operation. When we fired at them, in response to their fire, they began shooting in our direction like crazy. They are the ones who killed the hostages."

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Having let go of this man alive is a heavy blow against Israel's morale and sense of decency. Having done so in exchange for body bags, instead of insisting in getting our soldiers back alive, is a crime.